You’ve Been Dabbling In Misery Long Enough.

Let’s Level Up Your Game!

Maybe you’re hap-hap-happy. Or maybe you feel “meh.” Or maybe you want to flip a table or three. Wherever you’re at in life, whatever you’re feeling, CONSIDER YOU’RE NOT MISERABLE ENOUGH!

Here’s your step-by-step guide to an utterly, wonderfully, beautifully miserable life!

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How to cause a breakthrough in your life

Sure, This Book May Have The Opposite Effect.

It Might Bitch-Slap You Awake.

You might finally realize that this is your one and only life, and you better get to the smiling already.

But if you’re truly committed to suffering (from those inch-deep wrinkles on your forehead, seems like you are!), then buy the book and make yourself even more wretched!

Or, if you insist, instead use the book to discover what self-torture you’ve been unintentionally using on yourself, and learn how to stop doing that!

A Message from the Author

“I’ll admit it. I’ve tried to help many people be happier (my fingers cramped up just typing that!).  As an international Life Coach & Business Trainer formerly with Tony Robbins (yeah, that Tony Robbins), I’ve led thousands of coaching sessions with people all over the world, from Australia to Switzerland to the United States to Bermuda. Many people did get happier. Some however were stuck in their miserable ways. This book is for everyone, but especially for those who can’t figure out how to get happy.”

Ron Mileti

Ron Mileti, International Life & Business Coach, and Award-Winning Author

Miserable Reviews

Dr. Joe Vitale

Dr. Joe Vitale

Appeared in film The Secret
Author of  The Attractor Factor
and Zero Limits Living

There’s a book that I came across. And I had nothing to do with it. I don’t know the author, I don’t know the publisher, I don’t know anything about who created the book or why.  But I found the book, I read the book, I LOVED the book. And it teaches you how to be miserable. Once you learn how to be miserable, you also kind of get the idea that you can also be happy by doing the opposite of what makes you miserable.  I’m talking about the book Miserable You. Again, I get nothing for talking about this book or endorsing it. But I think if you want the year to be fantastic, maybe you need to be a bit more miserable.

Heidi Ligouri

Heidi Ligouri

Licensed Professional Counselor 
& Trauma Resolution Therapist 
“Sometimes it takes a stretch. Sometimes our patterns of frustration, disappointment and suffering are so entrenched that it takes something drastic to wake us up! Miserable You is just that. Sarcastically funny, packed full of useful information and practices, a quick and easy read for those that are truly done with their misery, willing to laugh at themselves, take life a little less seriously and grow beyond their suffering. Enjoyable, playful, and one of those books that you can read straight through or turn to any page and mine a nugget of laughter and wisdom for your day. A creative work, by a talented individual who has a big heart for humanity. Well done.”
Sue Force

Sue Force

Development Director
“I read the book Miserable You, and loved it.  So much so, that I actually read the entire book twice.  The snarkiness in this humor self-help book spoke to me. Ron Mileti made it very clear that wallowing in self pity will get you nowhere, and we all need to stop making excuses if we want any success in our lives. This is a book I will pick up again and again when I feel stuck.”

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