Miserable You



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You gotta get this book! You’ll laugh so hard, milk and negative thoughts will shoot out your nose!

Let’s face it, you’ve been dabbling in misery for years. Now it’s time to go pro! Dive into the 17 Lessons on how to become more utterly, completely miserable. Or, if you insist, instead use the book to discover what you’ve been doing to make yourself miserable and learn how to stop doing that! 

By the end of Miserable You, you’ll see how you’ve been bonking yourself on the head with a proverbial sledgehammer and understand how to let go!

Get Miserable You in paperback edition! You’re soft on yourself, right? So get the softcover edition of the book to match.


Chapters Include:

  1. Start Many Things, Finish Nothing
  2. Be In a Bad Mood Often
  3. Interpret Things In The Worst Way Possible
  4. Believe Life Has Meaning With A Capital M
  5. Appreciate Nothing
  6. Learn To Be Helpless
  7. Remember: You’re Da Man, So Go It Alone
  8. Ask Bad Questions

9.   Take, Don’t Give

10.  Focus On Trivial Shit

11.  Never Feel Like You Have Enough

12.  Don’t Question Who You Are

13.  Ignore Your Words

14.  Never Forgive. Never Forget.

15.  Deny Your Desires (You Don’t Deserve Them)

16.  Envision A Horrible Future

17.  Look The Other Way

Miserable You (Hardcover)


Do this right! Get the book dressed up in hardcover edition! Perfect as a gift for friends, family, or yourself! Your life is hard, right?! Get the hardcover edition to match!

You can use the book to make yourself even more miserable! Or if you insist, use it to discover how you’ve been a softie, and how to level up your game in life!

Miserable you (Kindle)


Prefer to have your misery in digital form? Get the Kindle version of Miserable You and read it on screen when you’re home, on the go, or stretched on that rack you’ve put yourself in mentally!

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